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Whale watching ✨☀️🐋☀️✨ 

I’ve always been passionate about whale conservation but never actually seen a whale until now. I’ve just spent the most wonderful time on Stradbroke Island where there is said to be the best land-based whale watching in Australia. At this time of year thousands of humpback whales are migrating north to calve in warmer waters. You just look out into the water at any time of the day and see them spurting water and breaching. Beautiful.

L I T T L E - D R E A M E R - ‘In the Water’ (edited for Blank Tape Music)

The poster I designed for Amnesty International’s forthcoming national human rights forum and AGM. Check it out

poster design, typography and artwork by Ella Barrett, 2014

The final version to be used for promoting Amnesty International’s national human rights forum + AGM to take place in Melbourne this July

Ella Barrett for Amnesty International 2014

Ella Barrett for Amnesty International 2014

Ella Barrett for Amnesty International 2014

I made an artwork for Amnesty International’s upcoming Human Rights Forum and AGM. Here’s a peek at some early versions of it

I designed this map showing where the community food gardens are located in and around Castlemaine. Most of them have popped up rather recently and there are exciting plans for many more street food planter boxes in the pipeline. The map was commissioned by Growing Abundance - Castlemaine Community House. 

Mid shoot iPhone checking sesh #bartband #theworstthingiveeverdone

Directing and shooting a clip with friend Maxine Dabrowski for BART’s ‘The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done’

JOELISTICS - ‘In The Morning’ [Official Video] 

Director: Cesar Rodrigues
Editors: Ella Barrett & Cesar Rodrigues
Production Assistants: Evan Lorden & Tilly Smout

L I T T L E - D R E A M E R - ‘Long Distance’ (edited for Blank Tape Music)

I’m currently interning at Blank Tape Music - doing some producing and concept development for music videos, and filming and editing of live music performances.

Blank Tape is an artist management, label, audio & video production studio based at the Aviary Artist Hub in Abbotsford Fitzroy.

Merry bubbles!